Feeling good about yourself.

It’s all too easy, sadly, to look at our own achievements and accomplishments and dismiss or undervalue them because we did them. And what other people achieve seems so much more praiseworthy. But, if you learned something that took time and effort, give yourself credit – enjoy the feeling.

By the way, what is that feeling and where is it located in your body? Is it, for example, a nice warm glow in your belly? Is it a feeling that your feet are planted on something solid? Is it in your head? Whatever and wherever, take a moment or two to locate and identify it and then practise making it more intense. Crank it up as high as it will go and wallow in it!

Some other easy ways to feel better:

  •  Say something nice to someone – not so they’ll return the compliment (though they probably will) – but for the pleasure of seeing their pleasure.
  •  Make a list of at least 5 things you’re good at (anything at all from keeping your teeth clean to turning round failing companies), re-read and add to it frequently.
  •  Think of a small challenge, give yourself a done-by date and do it. Congratulate yourself!
  • Here’s one that needs just a bit more effort: ask people what they value about you & ask them to write down the results – preferably with evidence so you can’t tell yourself they’re “just saying it”! (It’s critical here to remember what I said last week about other people’s areas of expertise.) Re-read it frequently and enjoy it!

Tip: Pick an item (or 2 or 3) from one of your lists and make a point of keeping it in mind as you walk, lift your chin till it’s parallel with the ground, put your shoulders back and look the world in the eye. Make it a habit.

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