Rise Business Development Circle

I’ve joined forces with my friend, Luanne Hill of Accent on the Positive, to create a new group for women in the early stages of running a business and for those who are wondering if that’s the way forward for them.

So many women who could move their working lives up to a whole new level don’t do it because they don’t feel confident of their ability to present themselves or their ideas, to sell themselves or their product or service.

They often feel that it’s beyond them – that “People like me don’t do that” syndrome – when all that’s needed is some well-placed support.

So we’re aiming to take the best bits of networking – finding people you can collaborate with productively and building a support system – and combining it with training in business basics.

Add to that the natural inclination of women to cooperate and learn from each others’ experience and you’ve got a network strong enough to support its members long-term.

Like to join us? Find out more at www.RiseBusinessCircle.co.uk or contact us:

.uk or 0759 357 9636

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