Client Testimonials

Coaching for me was a very rewarding experience, it gave me the confidence I never thought I had to change my job. I have always found changing my job a real challenge and something I don't do very often because I felt I couldn't and so I missed out on the chance to meet different people in a better working environment and also a chance to earn more money. I was longing for something to happen but just didn't know what direction to go in until I met Liz! Not only did I find the confidence to change my job but I went for a job I didn't think I could do and got it! Having a life coach opened up a new world for me. I found the positive side and the support was invaluable. The rewards are priceless and don't stop there - I've learned things that will be with me for the next time I need them.
--L.F., administrator, Suffolk


Liz and I worked together through a 7-step process that gave me valuable insight into what kind of career would fit me like a glove. It gave me confidence to discover I'm in the right place for me. I just needed to build up more self-belief.
I left teaching 3 years ago in order to get a more rewarding job and hated where I ended up: I wish I'd found Liz and done the process at the time - I'd have saved myself a lot of frustration, effort and time. Now I'm clear that teaching is for me. I value myself better and I'm commanding professional rates for private tuition instead of underselling myself. I have the confidence to charge 20% more than I used to because I know what I do is valuable.
--J.B., teacher, Cambridge


As an experienced management consultant I was wary of the potential benefit of a gift of 3 sessions of time management coaching with Liz Lyon. I'd managed my time very well, I thought, to the envy of friends and colleagues, running a successful career and family of three children whilst caring for elderly relatives as a single parent. Liz gave me a shock. She gently helped me realise that I was no longer managing my time but reacting to different priorities on a "need to deal" priority basis. She reminded me of simple practical measures to put me back in charge of my time and making the decisions of where I wanted to spend time rather than what was the next commitment to be met. And she did this in a very calm, kind manner where she helped me identify the issues and to find my own solutions. Not rocket science but incredibly helpful. Not intimidating but empowering.
--J.F., Independent Management Consultant, Suffolk


Coaching enabled me to take stock of who I am and what are my strengths and interests. By focussing on the positive aspects of my skills and talents I was able to see more clearly what gave me a buzz about my current career and what needed changing. I now feel a renewed confidence in my abilities and in the choices open to me.
--L.M., IT Manager, Suffolk


With career coaching, I was able to identify and analyse negative aspects of my job and formulate a strategy which was successful in dealing with those issues.
--N.R., Quality Manager, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

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