Where are you going? (Part 2)

Returning to the topic of goals and to an idea I often recommend: how about creating a “mood board” for your goals?

Interior designers create a collage of samples of materials and colours; they sketch details and plans to help them clarify and communicate their ideas.

A clear picture in your mind of how your life will look with the goal achieved is a powerful motivator and you can enhance it with a tangible version of your vision – your “mood board” for your future life.

Why? Well, apart from making your vision more real and graspable, it’s also fun – and, I repeat, working towards your goal has to be pleasurable wherever possible so that you don’t lose momentum.

Gather pictures that illustrate what you’re aiming to achieve. Let’s have an example….

Maybe your goal is to run your own restaurant: your board could include pictures of successful restaurants, the chefs who inspire you, the type of food that you want to create.

You could also include other people’s rave reviews to remind you of what success looks like and how other people will see you.

Your values are also key to the whole process so add a statement of the values that will underpin your venture. Service? Quality? Value for money? Sustainability? It’s up to you.

(Your goals and your values have to be aligned or you’ll be fighting yourself every step of the way: for instance, making a lot of money very quickly and being environmentally friendly may be hard to reconcile.)

Many companies these days have mission and vision statements to steer by and they’re just as appropriate for individuals.

Tip: If it’s all in your head – or even in words and pictures on your board – nothing’s going anywhere until you take action so remember to work out what step you need to take first and do it!

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