Change is good!

I used to know someone who insisted on coming back a different way from wherever we went – it drove me batty! I mean, if you’ve just popped to the local shop for the paper, it can be pretty hard to do for one thing. And, like following a routine, it can save you time and effort to do things the same way.

But it can also get you firmly stuck in a rut. And that rut can severely limit your outlook, your options and your enjoyment of life.

Do you know Einstein’s definition of madness that says it’s “doing the same thing the same way and expecting to get a different result”?

Change can be difficult simply because we’ve programmed ourselves a certain way through repetition and, when we lose concentration, we fall back into the old pattern.

It can be difficult because it takes effort.

It can also be difficult because those around us expect the same from us that they’ve always had. They expect us to do the same so we do the same so they expect us to do the same and on and on…….

It can be frightening, too. You so desperately want things to be better, different, more exciting…but what if it all goes wrong? Well, it may but, with careful planning, risks can be managed, pitfalls sidestepped.

And what if it all goes right? Can you really bear to let the opportunity pass you by?

Tip: If you need to change your thinking, change your location. Usually do your thinking flat out on the sofa? Try sitting on the stairs or the edge of the bath or standing in the garden. And remember, a new habit can take 6 weeks to stick so keep at it. Write yourself a reminder or put an everyday object in an unusual place to jog your memory. Just try not to get so used to it being there that it no longer serves its purpose!

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