Frequently Asked Questions

What is career coaching? 

Coaching is a series of conversations designed to help you clarify what you want to achieve, map out the route and support you as you progress towards your chosen aims. So career coaching is about finding the working life you want, whether that’s as an employee or as your own boss; full or part-time – whatever fits best for you and the people you care about.

Why do I need it?

When you’re very close to something and have a lot invested in the results, it’s hard to stand back and be objective. You can lose perspective and exaggerate difficulties; you can miss important questions that could mean the difference between making things work and not. It also helps to have someone else to be accountable to – it gives you the incentive to keep going when you might otherwise give up.

What will it do for me?

Having your own coach is about giving yourself that extra edge – after all, that’s exactly why top sports and business people have them. It’ll give you focus and clarity, keep you motivated and on track. It’ll give you the opportunity to concentrate on yourself and the life you want to build for yourself whilst making sure that you’ve taken into account all the other people who are affected. It’ll help you to evaluate and utilise all your resources and acquire the ones you don’t yet have.

What can I expect from a session?

Time out from the rest of your life to focus on you and what will move you forward to where you want to be. The chance to sound out your ideas and plans with someone who really listens to you and recognises that you’re a capable and talented individual. You should also expect to have your negative thinking challenged and to be supported to reframe your ideas positively so that your confidence and capabilities increase. We will agree tasks to be completed between sessions.

What outcome can I expect?

You should expect to achieve the outcome(s) that were established and agreed at the beginning of the sessions, provided that you’ve been fully committed to the process.

How long before I can expect results?

All coaching starts with settled goals and the timescale for achieving them so we’ll always work to an agreed number of sessions, we’ll measure your progress and define what success means from the beginning so that it’ll be clear when you’ve reached your goals.

How do I know career coaching is right for me? 

Initially we will have a FREE 45 Minute session which gives us both the opportunity to find out if career coaching is right for you and where and how I am able to help you.

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