Do you sometimes feel there’s no space left in your life for you or anything new, fun or exciting because your head is so clogged with everything you’re keeping in it – whether it’s useful or not?

What if you could take your brain to the “spa” to refresh and re-invigorate your mind the same way that you can your body?

Picture it... It’s like your mind has been on a “junk food” diet for years and now it’s bloated with outdated information, regrets, dreams you’ve given up on, knowledge you’ve gained that no longer serves you.

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It feels like your life has turned toxic!

You’re plodding along in a job that’s lost any meaning and interest it once had; there are too many “emotional vampires” in your life, people who drain your spirit by dumping their grievances on you; the things that are important to you have been submerged in the need to keep the bills paid; your interests and personal development have to be squeezed around other peoples’ needs.

You have more and more tasks and less and less time; your self-esteem and belief in the possibility of changing anything are trickling away and your horizons are shrinking till all you have to look forward to is retirement.


I was unhappy in the job that I had trained for and been doing since I left school.  Although I had ideas I didn’t really know what I wanted to do or how to go about it.  I was confused and unconfident of the way forward. 

The (Life Detox) programme showed me how to harness and explore my ideas. 

Learning how to write things down in a way that explored my ideas really helped to make things real and decide whether the ideas were worth exploring further.  It made it easier to be able to focus on what was needed to achieve my goal.

I will definitely use the methods learnt in the future not only for major life decisions but also simple daily tasks.

- Clare Brown,

And what will you do then?

Imagine taking some “me” time to sort out what your priorities truly are, to clear away all the dead wood to leave space for new growth, to choose an exciting new direction.

Imagine being able to relax, confident in the knowledge that you’ve made good choices that will increase your opportunities and make the most of your talents and abilities.

Imagine being in control of your time, your thinking and your future direction: imagine having a set of tools at your disposal to help you keep up the momentum and keep you on track.

Imagine your life, streamlined, decluttered – your system cleansed, the delicate mechanism that is you rebalanced...

How much more could you achieve?

Let me introduce you to The Life Detox Handbook, specially designed to help you take back control of your mind and your life.

When you truly understand how and why you think the way you do, you can take control of your mind and make it work for you, not against.

When you truly understand what you most want from life, you can map out the best route and find the support to get you there.

When you truly understand what’s most important to you, you can make sure that those are the aspects of your life that get priority.

When you’re positive that you’re making the best choices for you, you can move ahead and make changes with confidence.

When you’re in control of your time, you can maximise its value and make sure none of it is wasted.

The Life Detox Handbook contains 5 short, fun-to-do projects for you to complete in the freedom of your own space and time.

The projects help you to explore and clarify what’s most important to you and give you the framework to keep your new life on track.

And, as a bonus, I’m including – FREE – a done-for-you set of templates, check-lists and illustrations to help you get the most from your Life Detox Handbook.

Sounds like just the solution you’ve been looking for?

Hit the link below and the Life Detox Handbook will come straight to your inbox.

Here’s to your new, revitalised life!

With all good wishes from


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